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How to Put CyanogenMod on Your Foxfooding Device

About Foxfooding:

“We originally envisioned the foxfooding program as a way for Mozillians to use, test and provide specific feedback that would improve a product that users were already relying on as their primary device. We’re well aware that this context is really different with Connected Devices — it will be some time before users have a Mozilla product, other than a SmartTV, in their hands or homes.

While the specifics are still to be figured out, we anticipate that the program will evolve to ask for help from Mozillians in shaping early stage products. This might include testing or getting feedback on individual features and pre-alpha products, or potentially doing user research.

If you have ideas on what this program could look like or how you would want to contribute, please get in touch.  Take a look on the wiki here for opportunities to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and questions.” [Read More on Discourse ]

If you are planning to test fennec (Firefox for Android)  on your Sony Z3C device then you can follow the below steps to install  CyanogenMod (Android 5.1): 

Step-1 : Download the zip file(Flash Sony Xperia z3

Step-2 : Extract the zip file and check whether its containing these three files( + + twrp-

Step-3 : Connect your device with pc/laptop and start the device in boot mode (power + volume up). If its showing blue light then you are in if not then restart and do it again.

Step-4 : Open terminal -> mount the folder which you have extracted -> type -> fastboot flash boot twrp-

Step-5 : type -> fastboot reboot

Step-6 : After Team Win Recovery starts -> Wipe cache/dalvik -> then take backup (Most Important).

Step-7 : Copy the folder with all files in it to a sd card and insert it in your mobile’s sd slot.

Step-8 : Go to Install -> Select “cm-12 zip” file -> Add more zip file -> select “tk_gapps zip” file -> swipe to confirm flash.

Step-9 : After the installation is completed reboot your device.

Step-10: Enjoy you have successfully installed the Cyanogenmod Android 5.1 on your xperia z3 compact.

If you face any issue while doing it please don’t contact me 😛 try doing your self. 🙂 Jokes apart, you know where to find me!


  • This blog is just to help people who wants to improving Firefox for Android.
  • If you get your device bricked while flashing by the above process then you will be the responsible person not me 😀
  •  Installing “tk_gapps zip file” is optional as it contains all google specific apps with app store. So if you don’t want to install it then you can skip it.
  • Do file bugs and participate in QA to help improving Firefox for Android.
  • Check Connected Devices participation page to get involved.

Do share your experience! Keep Contributing!


Mozilla All Hands – Mozlando 2015 Part-1


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! ”

A great year with achievements and learning. Starting from small and making it big! I participated in many activities this year but one of the most important was Mozilla All Hands 2015.

Multiple work weeks, happening in the same city, at the same time + some opportunity to get together as one big group as well as with other teams as it makes sense. Then, on the last day, we have a fun social event for all, Mozilla-style!

Tuesday, December 8:

9:00am-12:00pm   Mozlando Opening Plenary Session

A great keynote session where we came to know about Firefox Os becoming complete Os for Internet of things. Like for TV, Smart watch, Smart Home, etc

No more mobile devices through vendors! We will focus on open Os to make it more aligned with the booming Internet technology and the requirement for an open Os.


Advantage: An Os on which people can believe and have trust on. It will support all IOT devices in near future as people are moving from browsers to IOT.

Disadvantage: We still need to do lot of work to make it more user friendly and a perfect Os for great user experience. Marketplace still needs more usable apps.
11:30am-12:00pm    All Hands Mozlando Photo



1:30pm-3:00pm    FxOS All Hands Meeting

The future of Firefox Os is connected device! Moving from a mobile device to making a Os for all connected device is the latest mission we are working on. This was we are no more dependent of vendors for quite a while and will be looking on a global use of Firefox Os.



  • It was never just a product and now with the motive of connected devices it proves it.
  • FxOs for connected devices will open more paths for Contributors to contribute.
  • It will go parallel with other organization who are taking over the Internet to save it.
  • Foxfooding will still continue.


  • Discomfort among contributors who have been contributing on specific FxOs needs.
  • Too many initiative with connected devices will impact quality.


3:30pm-4:30pm    L10n community hackathons: 2015 post-mortem,2016 strategy

Last year we had hackathons all around the world with the help of l10n drivers. As a result of which there was a great increase in the overall contribution and activities from the l10n contributors.

Every region were taken care separately for having great impact. For example there was a separate hackathon organized for Indian and Nepal.

For the next year we are planning to organize the same series of events with the help of L10n drivers and Reps program so that we can have a greater impact.



  • A reunion of all regional localizers and chance for interacting directly with l10n drivers.
  • A great time to cover all your pending work.
  • A chance for new localizers to learn more from your fellow localizers.


  • Lack of proper training for the existing localizers and the new localizers.
  • Agendas not that strong enough to motivate localizers to contribute consistently.
  • Decision of choosing place and time can be improved.


  • A well structured format for training for both old and new localizers.
  • Make the agendas by discussion with contributors who are coming to hackathon.
  • A stable place can be more helpful than experimental place.


5:00pm-6:00pm   How to execute a l10n hackathon

A great session on how to organize a l10n hackathon. Every time l10n drivers cannot be around so we need to learn how to organize community driven hackathon. Proper agendas can motivate contributors to work more and bring more contributors in.

Some key points to execute a l10n hackathon:

  • Strong agendas as per requirement.
  • A contributor friendly venue and timing!
  • Agendas for small training for old and new contributors.
  • Sharing latest strategical information as per Mozilla’s goal.

This year hackathon series was more of experiment and feedback and will improve more next year to keep it more stable. Each month there will be a hackathon in grouped regions!



Wednesday, December 9:

1:15pm-2:15pm     Participation with Chris Beard

A great discussion with Chris about the future of Participation in Mozilla. Many important questions came out on how we can enhance the contribution areas with the help of participation. How we can encourage volunteers to make a greater impact in the community. What is the future of Firefox Os in Mozilla and how we can adapt the new ideas and initiative of connected devices. Firefox Os is not dead but rather a new birth of Firefox Os to do much bigger things for the Web.


  • A proper format for volunteers to contribute.
  • A path to become the future leaders.
  • Become the bond between the Corporation and volunteers.
  • Build a better and sustainable community with the help of participation.


3:30pm-4:30pm    Removing some of the training burden

“Many l10n teams struggle to train newcomers and instead opt to not recruit and instead take on more work than they can handle.”

A great discussion with l10n drivers and volunteers on what can l10n-drivers do to help mitigate some of the training burden?

A proper format of training for both old and new localizers was one of the ideas which came out. Some manual work and some automation can help to build that was suggested. Creation of template like video tutorials / document with screen-shots could help to power this plan.


  • With proper training format the burden will be reduced for the existing localizers and l10n drivers which will result in sharing of labour within the community.
  • More people will be trained and more contributor will join community.
  • A friendly environment for contributors and l10n drivers.
  • A single format of training for all the locales.


This was just about the first two days! If you find it interesting then please comment so that i can go ahead and write about the next two days activities!


We also visited places like Universal Studio, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios. Some glimpse of it is here:



Enjoy and have fun!!

Cheers 🙂


Note: The above information are my personal experience and hence should not be reflected as any official news!

Mozilla Festival 2015 – Lets start again!

Mozilla Festival 2015 – Lets start again! This was the second year for me at MozFest. If you want to know how i felt on the first year of MozFest then checkout my blog [Here].


This is how i felt last year!!

From last year to this year there has been lots of changes within Me, Mozilla but the Mission was always the same!

This year Mozfest was more focused because of the newly introduced Pathways [ Check Out ] .

Each Pathway has been tailored for participants to learn a particular set of skills. Participants are encouraged to make use of the recommended Pathways or design their own unique MozFest experience.


This is my MozFest2015….!!!

At MozFest I had conversation with lots of people and each conversation resulted in some valuable discussion which will support the Mozilla Mission. Whether its related to Localization, Privacy, Firefox Student Ambassador, Participation, Reps, Web literacy etc each had their goal and a need of volunteer to successfully achieve it!

Each conversation resulted in a way we can enhance our skill, our community and our goal along with Mozilla goals.

For Example: When i talked about Localization then i realized that “Localization is not enough we have to promote it as well so that it reaches the end user”. We were already working on “Grow Firefox download in Indian Languages-Pilot campaign” [Check here].

I also loved the bridge making session were we were supposed to make the longest possible paper bridge with half of the team blind folded. This is were trust comes. Why should we believe in our fellow community members?. Because if you keep on doing what your fellow community members tells you than the end result will be great just like the long bridge we made! Trust me our bridge was the longest 😀


What i found in different projects in Mozilla that can be improved is a bridge between all of them. Creating too many projects its great but if we don’t have a proper bridge/connection between then then it gets difficult for contributor to identify how can i follow the connection!

Now for my fellow Mozillians who were not able to attend Mozilla MozFest2015. Here is what it looks likes:

Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:52:22 Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:51:33 Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:49:33

You can check out more blogs and pics here:



Thanks for ready my blog!!

Keep contributing!! 🙂

Grow Firefox download in Indian Languages – Pilot campaign

To spread Localized Firefox in India, Mozilla Hindi Localization community is planning for a coordinated pan-India campaign. The campaign would run from 2nd October to 1st November.

Why 2nd October: 2nd October is birthday of our Father our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi  and we celebrate this day as Gandhi Jayanti.
“Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women’s rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending untouchability, but above all for achieving Swaraj or self-rule.”

To show users that Firefox is available in their language we are creating a campaign that helps fans of Firefox invite the people in their networks to download Firefox. We are creating unique, shareable pieces of content that are humorous, insightful and topical to get the conversation and activities started.


What are we saying?

Firefox is a non-profit browser that was created by thousands of volunteers who believe the Internet should be free and open to everyone. Firefox is built for people, not for profit. We don’t believe in tracking and selling people’s data. Firefox believes in creating a safe, open and customizable way to experience the web. Our dedication to privacy is the reason we were voted the most trustworthy Internet company.

Why are we asking you?

You are a passionate member of the Mozilla community. You tell people all the time about how amazing Firefox is and you probably have some super creative thoughts on how other people could tell their families and friends to download Localized Firefox too.

Get Involved!

There are several ways to get involved:

  • Host an event!
    • Help host an event in your city! A number of events will be hosted between 2nd October to 1st November in support of Grow Firefox download  in Indian Languages-Pilot  Campaign. We will work together to provide talking points, speakers and guidance on how to create localized content to be used in your channels.
        • Promote your event by:
          • Telling and inviting friends!
          • Create an original invitation for that group (Flyers! or a creative meme)
          • Writing about it on Facebook & Twitter.
          • Posting updates, creating events or sending invites via Facebook and social networks.
          • Share it with us!
  • Need to find a location? Here are some ideas:
    • Rec rooms at schools, universities or community centers
    • Restaurants, cafes, bars or LAN houses
    • Your company or your home
    • Local parks and picnic area
  • Firefox for Desktop in Hindi     :
  • Firefox for Desktop in Marathi :

Let’s get everyone from Mozillians to internet users sharing the campaign. You will be an important voice in making sure we’re heard. Share the Firefox Love!Help spread the word about our latest news, events, announcements and more, using your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. The more you share, the more opportunity you have for being recognized and rewarded. Plus, you’ll be in the know for all the latest Firefox news and announcements.

Who Can Sign Up?

This campaign is open to Mozillians, Firefox Student Ambassadors, Mozilla Reps & Anyone interested.

We’ll be supporting several community led events across India by helping with content, talking points, speakers, swags & more. Selected ideas/ events will be guided/supported by the Mozilla Hindi and Marathi Localization team.

Signup Now!

Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up 2015

Writing a blog is a hard job when we have lot to write in limited words!

This blog is specifically about Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up 2015 which is our annual Hindi Community meet-up in India.  It was organized in Sarai-CSDS(The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) Delhi from 5th Sep-6th Sep.


We covered a lot in two days of time which can be found here. But the most important things that we covered were :

1) A new look our l10n team wiki page.

2) Localized Hindi Team wiki page.

3) Newbie Training and Recognition Process.
4) Language Promotion events in India (For increasing Download).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Soon we will be hosting a download campaign in India to increase the awareness among people about the availability of Firefox in Indian languages!
Some glimpse of our event:
Some other blogs:
Some social media news:
Thank You Everyone!

Fennec Launch – Hindi India

Have you used Firefox for Android in Hindi if not then please do use it because it has been localized by awesome hi_IN l10n contributors. Recently after successful localization of Firefox for Android in different languages we decided to officially launch it.

So it was organized in Pune with the support of C-DAC. For this event we invited many people from different areas so that we can know the impact of localization on our community and about the quality of the localized products. We had a great discussion with many experienced people.

Well I think pictures can better explain about the event than words. So here we go..!

Event Page : Click Here

Event Pics: Click Here

Mozilla Festival 2014

Hey everyone, I am back with my blog post. Don’t worry it wont be that long to read.

So this time it was something special. It was time for Mozilla Festival 2014. Getting selected for this big and awesome event is its self an honour but going to the event in real was really awesome.

The Mozilla Festival is a yearly celebration that brings together hundreds of passionate people to explore the frontiers of the open web. We mash developers, designers, and big thinkers together to make things that can change the world.

This was my first international trip, So was very excited and bit nervous about how will I manage things because it was time to go London 🙂 Getting in London was really exciting after having a 20 min Q/A round with the Immigration Officer.

So lets check out each day activities:

One the first day we went to Mozilla Office which was really a cool place to work. But nervousness was always accompanying me because I take time to talk and there were so many awesome people to talk to. Still I managed to talk to few of them 🙂

Special thanks to Christos Bacharakisfor helping me to get some Vej food on the first day. 🙂

So now it was time to get ready for the real MozFest14. On the second day when I went to the venue ” Ravensbourne ” and saw  so many people i started thinking “man where i stand!!” then on the next moment I realized that “yes i stand somewhere that’s why i am here”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This time I participated in Hive Learning Network and worked with them for two days. My main area of interest was to reduce the overall budget requirement for Hive events. For that Julia and My self sat for discussion and we really got good results.

I had great time to help with a booth at Maker party where we asked participants to make cool stuffs with paper and colour.

Links to my makes and work at the event:

  • Model to run low budget Hive events around the world Click Here
  • Hive House Popcorn Make Click Here

This event was huge so summarizing this event within this blog post is not possible. But still here are some of the links to know more about this event:

You can get better idea of this event by exploring these pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for lungi dance!!

Thank You

Cheers 😀

Mozilla India Inter-Community Meetup 2014

Community is never “I” its always “We”. Building a community is not a one head task. Huge amount of labor is required to build an awesome community. Mozilla India is one of the awesome community I am involved with.

After organizing and attending series of event, it was time for most important and awesome event. It was time for “Mozilla India Inter-Community Meetup 2014” . It was one of the most fruitful and productive meetup I ever have been to. It was a three days event. First day concentrating basically on Task Forces and the other two day for community discussion.


Without stretching my blog much I will concentrate on L10N, Webmaker and FSA. As I was involved in these discussion.

Firefox Student Ambassador:


What are you most proud of in 2013?

  • Achieved figure of 2000 FSAs in India in year 2013.
  • We have 500 Firefox Clubs in India.
  • Big contribution of FSA in achieving 5000 Mozillains.
  • About 100 FSA in Institution of national importance like IITs, IIITs and NITs.

What was your biggest challenge in 2013?

  • Providing swags to FSA events.
  • Communication between FSA and Reps.

What is your big goal for 2014?

  • 5000 FSA and 1000 Clubs in India.
  • Quality training of FSA for better contribution.
  • Develop a community of FSA developer group

Suggested Solution to some common FSA related problems:

  1. SWAGS: Most FSA’s are not getting any swags for their events.

    1. Encourage FSA’s to organize events without Swags because learning comes first and swag next.

    2. We can ask the FSA’s to fill up the “Event Response Form” so that a Rep can be assigned for that event.

    3. The assigned Rep will help with Swags and Budget.

  2. Permission from Institution: Sometimes FSA’s are facing problem in getting dates from Institution because some Institution requires official letter from respective organization.

    1. We can help FSA’s by sending a letter from to institution authorities for conducting a successful event.

    2. We can ask the respective assigned Reps to send a letter to the institution.

  3. Less Communication between Reps and FSA’s:

    1. Engage more Reps to volunteer to communicate with FSA’s on regular basis.

    2. Encourage FSA’s by analyzing their past events and help them to improve.

  4. How to share my (FSA) activities with Mozilla ?

    1. FSA activities can be shared using FSA Facebook group or via Twitter (@mozstudents).

    2. The best way to share is write a blog and take lots of pics.




Challenges :

  • Off-line resources – to #teachtheweb in rural and places with low band width

  • Productive event format – what makes the webmaker event productive ?

  • Follow-up – recruited but no response when contacted over mails

  • Infrastructure – not all places have minimal resources that is needed during the event

  • Training of mentors – needed to make sure the speaker is conveying right information

  • Templates (Region Specific) – needed to make people interested in making some stuff using webmaker tools

  • Hacking – lot of people claims aren’t we hacking someone’s website

  • Understanding of tools – how to work on tools – eg : trimming the length of the audio

  • Handling advanced users – make users understand the definition of webmaker and its use beyond the tools

Solutions :

  • Sustainability of contributors: Making contributors BEST understand about webmaker project so they will be passionate about their contribution
  • Off-line resources: Webmaker team is right now work on offline kits. Soon , we may have them ! A lot of webmaker offline activities as available, on the portal.
  • Productive event format: People should understand the need of being web literate and willing to share their learning with others.
  • Follow-up: A structured follow-up procedure to be designed. Create a structured process for asking the organizers to send in the best (filtered) makes and event photos
  • Training of mentors – Train the trainers sessions, A guide for mentors includes better understanding of tools, web litercy and the webmaker mission.
  • Templates (Region Specific): Every webmaker mentor should create a template every month which will be showcased during mozilla india online (IRC) meetup
  • Handling advanced users – make users understand the definition of webmaker and its use beyond the tools

Localization (L10N):



  • Not aware of input, resource and tools

  • Translation/transliteration

  • Use of Machine Translation

  • Use of Standard Tools

  • No standard review process and quality checks

  • Lack of training to new joiners

  • Issue in communication

  • SUMO translation process

  • Lack of l10n teams in other languages (ONLY 12 languages in Mozilla)

  • Less events in localization


  • Conduct training events for localizers, schools, colleges etc .

  • Need of context based translation and trans-creation

  • Need of proper documentation

  • Tools available in FOSS : POOTLE, TRANSIFEX, ZANATA, TRANSLATEWIKI.. Mozilla to take a call on one STANDARD TOOL

  • Stable Review process – Review has to be done for most ready projects such as Firefox browser, fennec, Firefox OS.

  • Localization specific events: Awareness sprints by use of social media or direct visit to institutions to make the mass aware of the localized products and thereby generate interest.

  • More inclusive communication by REPS with the respective community.

  • SUMO to adopt PUBLICAN or similar tools for simplification of translation process.

  • Encourage other language communities to work with Mozilla L10n.

This time I tried to make my blog more productive by using more text and less images.

Personally I enjoyed being with all the Mozillians.


Have a great time!

Cheers! 🙂

Event Page: Click

Event Pics: Click Click  Click Click

Other Blogs:  Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3  Blog 4  Blog 5   Blog 6



Flying all the way from Kharagpur to Bhopal-City of Lakes was really worth because it was WoMoz time.

The whole world is trying to empower women whether in social areas or technical areas hence WoManiya was an innovation by Mozilla Bhopal Community to empower women. Without stretching my blog  I would say it was two day event with first half of first day dedicated to WoMoz Police who are trying their best to provide security to women in our nation.

Second half of first day was collection of some good talk and sessions.

1) Introduction to Mozilla Mission.

2) Introduction to Mozilla’s products.

3) Introduction to WoMoz and Womaniya.

4) Lightbeam.

5) Quiz and Fun activities.

After having an awesome time on the first day we were prepared to make it more awesome on  the second day.

Starting our day with four parallel session on Webmaker , Localization , FirefoxOS and Addon Testing , and Firefox Student Ambassador.

Continuing with more session on App development and other activities we moved on to quiz and Fun activities.

Had awesome time collaborating with Mozilla Bhopal and other volunteers.

Looking forward to more such awesome event in near future.

Cheers! 🙂

Event Pics 1:

Events Pics 2:

MozbootCamp @ IITKGP

“Kshitij is the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur,one of the India’s premier technical institutions. Started in the year 2004, the idea of Kshitij was conceived with the aim to provide the technically inclined youth a national-level platform, where their talent and expertise would be recognized and duly rewarded.Having grown exponentially since its nascent years, Kshitij receives overwhelming participation from the student community all over the world. The official website of Kshitij,, is in fact the largest student run website, receiving 8 million clicks in its 2012 edition.”

So this year it was time for Mozilla and its innovation to be presented in Kshitij 2k14. On the first day of event when we reached IIT Kgp we saw that more than 700+ participants are waiting outside the venue.

My comment ” I think there are many event going to happen !” .
Kshitij Volunteer  “No! Now we have only one event i.e. Mozilla Workshop”

“So those 700+ participants were waiting for Mozilla MozCamp

So it was a overnight Appathon with Mozilla’s Introduction!

Event Pics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Representing Mozilla in such a big event is always an awesome experience!

Special thanks to Firefox Student Ambassador of IIT KGP.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!


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