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How to Put CyanogenMod on Your Foxfooding Device

About Foxfooding:

“We originally envisioned the foxfooding program as a way for Mozillians to use, test and provide specific feedback that would improve a product that users were already relying on as their primary device. We’re well aware that this context is really different with Connected Devices — it will be some time before users have a Mozilla product, other than a SmartTV, in their hands or homes.

While the specifics are still to be figured out, we anticipate that the program will evolve to ask for help from Mozillians in shaping early stage products. This might include testing or getting feedback on individual features and pre-alpha products, or potentially doing user research.

If you have ideas on what this program could look like or how you would want to contribute, please get in touch.  Take a look on the wiki here for opportunities to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and questions.” [Read More on Discourse ]

If you are planning to test fennec (Firefox for Android)  on your Sony Z3C device then you can follow the below steps to install  CyanogenMod (Android 5.1): 

Step-1 : Download the zip file(Flash Sony Xperia z3

Step-2 : Extract the zip file and check whether its containing these three files( + + twrp-

Step-3 : Connect your device with pc/laptop and start the device in boot mode (power + volume up). If its showing blue light then you are in if not then restart and do it again.

Step-4 : Open terminal -> mount the folder which you have extracted -> type -> fastboot flash boot twrp-

Step-5 : type -> fastboot reboot

Step-6 : After Team Win Recovery starts -> Wipe cache/dalvik -> then take backup (Most Important).

Step-7 : Copy the folder with all files in it to a sd card and insert it in your mobile’s sd slot.

Step-8 : Go to Install -> Select “cm-12 zip” file -> Add more zip file -> select “tk_gapps zip” file -> swipe to confirm flash.

Step-9 : After the installation is completed reboot your device.

Step-10: Enjoy you have successfully installed the Cyanogenmod Android 5.1 on your xperia z3 compact.

If you face any issue while doing it please don’t contact me 😛 try doing your self. 🙂 Jokes apart, you know where to find me!


  • This blog is just to help people who wants to improving Firefox for Android.
  • If you get your device bricked while flashing by the above process then you will be the responsible person not me 😀
  •  Installing “tk_gapps zip file” is optional as it contains all google specific apps with app store. So if you don’t want to install it then you can skip it.
  • Do file bugs and participate in QA to help improving Firefox for Android.
  • Check Connected Devices participation page to get involved.

Do share your experience! Keep Contributing!


Mozilla Festival 2014

Hey everyone, I am back with my blog post. Don’t worry it wont be that long to read.

So this time it was something special. It was time for Mozilla Festival 2014. Getting selected for this big and awesome event is its self an honour but going to the event in real was really awesome.

The Mozilla Festival is a yearly celebration that brings together hundreds of passionate people to explore the frontiers of the open web. We mash developers, designers, and big thinkers together to make things that can change the world.

This was my first international trip, So was very excited and bit nervous about how will I manage things because it was time to go London 🙂 Getting in London was really exciting after having a 20 min Q/A round with the Immigration Officer.

So lets check out each day activities:

One the first day we went to Mozilla Office which was really a cool place to work. But nervousness was always accompanying me because I take time to talk and there were so many awesome people to talk to. Still I managed to talk to few of them 🙂

Special thanks to Christos Bacharakisfor helping me to get some Vej food on the first day. 🙂

So now it was time to get ready for the real MozFest14. On the second day when I went to the venue ” Ravensbourne ” and saw  so many people i started thinking “man where i stand!!” then on the next moment I realized that “yes i stand somewhere that’s why i am here”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This time I participated in Hive Learning Network and worked with them for two days. My main area of interest was to reduce the overall budget requirement for Hive events. For that Julia and My self sat for discussion and we really got good results.

I had great time to help with a booth at Maker party where we asked participants to make cool stuffs with paper and colour.

Links to my makes and work at the event:

  • Model to run low budget Hive events around the world Click Here
  • Hive House Popcorn Make Click Here

This event was huge so summarizing this event within this blog post is not possible. But still here are some of the links to know more about this event:

You can get better idea of this event by exploring these pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for lungi dance!!

Thank You

Cheers 😀

Mozilla India Inter-Community Meetup 2014

Community is never “I” its always “We”. Building a community is not a one head task. Huge amount of labor is required to build an awesome community. Mozilla India is one of the awesome community I am involved with.

After organizing and attending series of event, it was time for most important and awesome event. It was time for “Mozilla India Inter-Community Meetup 2014” . It was one of the most fruitful and productive meetup I ever have been to. It was a three days event. First day concentrating basically on Task Forces and the other two day for community discussion.


Without stretching my blog much I will concentrate on L10N, Webmaker and FSA. As I was involved in these discussion.

Firefox Student Ambassador:


What are you most proud of in 2013?

  • Achieved figure of 2000 FSAs in India in year 2013.
  • We have 500 Firefox Clubs in India.
  • Big contribution of FSA in achieving 5000 Mozillains.
  • About 100 FSA in Institution of national importance like IITs, IIITs and NITs.

What was your biggest challenge in 2013?

  • Providing swags to FSA events.
  • Communication between FSA and Reps.

What is your big goal for 2014?

  • 5000 FSA and 1000 Clubs in India.
  • Quality training of FSA for better contribution.
  • Develop a community of FSA developer group

Suggested Solution to some common FSA related problems:

  1. SWAGS: Most FSA’s are not getting any swags for their events.

    1. Encourage FSA’s to organize events without Swags because learning comes first and swag next.

    2. We can ask the FSA’s to fill up the “Event Response Form” so that a Rep can be assigned for that event.

    3. The assigned Rep will help with Swags and Budget.

  2. Permission from Institution: Sometimes FSA’s are facing problem in getting dates from Institution because some Institution requires official letter from respective organization.

    1. We can help FSA’s by sending a letter from to institution authorities for conducting a successful event.

    2. We can ask the respective assigned Reps to send a letter to the institution.

  3. Less Communication between Reps and FSA’s:

    1. Engage more Reps to volunteer to communicate with FSA’s on regular basis.

    2. Encourage FSA’s by analyzing their past events and help them to improve.

  4. How to share my (FSA) activities with Mozilla ?

    1. FSA activities can be shared using FSA Facebook group or via Twitter (@mozstudents).

    2. The best way to share is write a blog and take lots of pics.




Challenges :

  • Off-line resources – to #teachtheweb in rural and places with low band width

  • Productive event format – what makes the webmaker event productive ?

  • Follow-up – recruited but no response when contacted over mails

  • Infrastructure – not all places have minimal resources that is needed during the event

  • Training of mentors – needed to make sure the speaker is conveying right information

  • Templates (Region Specific) – needed to make people interested in making some stuff using webmaker tools

  • Hacking – lot of people claims aren’t we hacking someone’s website

  • Understanding of tools – how to work on tools – eg : trimming the length of the audio

  • Handling advanced users – make users understand the definition of webmaker and its use beyond the tools

Solutions :

  • Sustainability of contributors: Making contributors BEST understand about webmaker project so they will be passionate about their contribution
  • Off-line resources: Webmaker team is right now work on offline kits. Soon , we may have them ! A lot of webmaker offline activities as available, on the portal.
  • Productive event format: People should understand the need of being web literate and willing to share their learning with others.
  • Follow-up: A structured follow-up procedure to be designed. Create a structured process for asking the organizers to send in the best (filtered) makes and event photos
  • Training of mentors – Train the trainers sessions, A guide for mentors includes better understanding of tools, web litercy and the webmaker mission.
  • Templates (Region Specific): Every webmaker mentor should create a template every month which will be showcased during mozilla india online (IRC) meetup
  • Handling advanced users – make users understand the definition of webmaker and its use beyond the tools

Localization (L10N):



  • Not aware of input, resource and tools

  • Translation/transliteration

  • Use of Machine Translation

  • Use of Standard Tools

  • No standard review process and quality checks

  • Lack of training to new joiners

  • Issue in communication

  • SUMO translation process

  • Lack of l10n teams in other languages (ONLY 12 languages in Mozilla)

  • Less events in localization


  • Conduct training events for localizers, schools, colleges etc .

  • Need of context based translation and trans-creation

  • Need of proper documentation

  • Tools available in FOSS : POOTLE, TRANSIFEX, ZANATA, TRANSLATEWIKI.. Mozilla to take a call on one STANDARD TOOL

  • Stable Review process – Review has to be done for most ready projects such as Firefox browser, fennec, Firefox OS.

  • Localization specific events: Awareness sprints by use of social media or direct visit to institutions to make the mass aware of the localized products and thereby generate interest.

  • More inclusive communication by REPS with the respective community.

  • SUMO to adopt PUBLICAN or similar tools for simplification of translation process.

  • Encourage other language communities to work with Mozilla L10n.

This time I tried to make my blog more productive by using more text and less images.

Personally I enjoyed being with all the Mozillians.


Have a great time!

Cheers! 🙂

Event Page: Click

Event Pics: Click Click  Click Click

Other Blogs:  Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3  Blog 4  Blog 5   Blog 6



Flying all the way from Kharagpur to Bhopal-City of Lakes was really worth because it was WoMoz time.

The whole world is trying to empower women whether in social areas or technical areas hence WoManiya was an innovation by Mozilla Bhopal Community to empower women. Without stretching my blog  I would say it was two day event with first half of first day dedicated to WoMoz Police who are trying their best to provide security to women in our nation.

Second half of first day was collection of some good talk and sessions.

1) Introduction to Mozilla Mission.

2) Introduction to Mozilla’s products.

3) Introduction to WoMoz and Womaniya.

4) Lightbeam.

5) Quiz and Fun activities.

After having an awesome time on the first day we were prepared to make it more awesome on  the second day.

Starting our day with four parallel session on Webmaker , Localization , FirefoxOS and Addon Testing , and Firefox Student Ambassador.

Continuing with more session on App development and other activities we moved on to quiz and Fun activities.

Had awesome time collaborating with Mozilla Bhopal and other volunteers.

Looking forward to more such awesome event in near future.

Cheers! 🙂

Event Pics 1:

Events Pics 2:

MozbootCamp @ IITKGP

“Kshitij is the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur,one of the India’s premier technical institutions. Started in the year 2004, the idea of Kshitij was conceived with the aim to provide the technically inclined youth a national-level platform, where their talent and expertise would be recognized and duly rewarded.Having grown exponentially since its nascent years, Kshitij receives overwhelming participation from the student community all over the world. The official website of Kshitij,, is in fact the largest student run website, receiving 8 million clicks in its 2012 edition.”

So this year it was time for Mozilla and its innovation to be presented in Kshitij 2k14. On the first day of event when we reached IIT Kgp we saw that more than 700+ participants are waiting outside the venue.

My comment ” I think there are many event going to happen !” .
Kshitij Volunteer  “No! Now we have only one event i.e. Mozilla Workshop”

“So those 700+ participants were waiting for Mozilla MozCamp

So it was a overnight Appathon with Mozilla’s Introduction!

Event Pics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Representing Mozilla in such a big event is always an awesome experience!

Special thanks to Firefox Student Ambassador of IIT KGP.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!


MozCafe @ IIT KGP

Meeting someone for the first time comes with lots of question which are mysterious to us. Like What will happen ? How will happen? How will we interact etc

So this time my meeting was with some of the cool and awesome Firefox Student Ambassador of IIT Kharagpur.
Not just one or two FSA but there was eight from the same college! Sounds Cool!

Most important part is that they were the one who initiated for organizing MozCafe@IIT KGP. The FSA who took the responsibility of organizing and spreading information  was Gaurav Jain.

Here are the list of FSA who where present for MozCafe@IIT KGP.

Our discussion were basically around Development, Localization, Bugzilla, SUMO, Webmaker and Firefox OS.

Here are some of the pics which can better explain this meetup.

Discussion time!

Food Time!

Event Blogs:

More Pics

Before leaving I just told them one sentence “Don’t think before contributing , Dont think after contributing, Just think for contributing!

Have a great time!


Hive India MakerFest’14 Ahmedabad

Have you enjoyed reading my last blog on Hive India @ Kgp ? If yes then you will enjoy reading this too!

After a great success of Hive India @ Kgp it was time for Hive India MakerFest’14 Ahmedabad .

About Maker Fest 2014:

Maker Fest is an all-ages showcase and celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, a place to meet and interact with like-minded top-notch innovators from different walks of life. It aims to bring together a community of creators and makers spanning the length and breadth of India and give them a platform to showcase their ideas and creations. It is designed to be a uniquely Indian maker activity to celebrate and exhibit the maker movement in India.

It was a two day events with lots of maker from around the world.

In short we were four Mozillians who where representing Mozilla in this event.

Gauthamraj Elango

Umesh Agarwal

Sujith Reddy

Anush A

Our booth were one of the busiest on both days of event.

Some pics of other Makers:

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!



Nothing is big or small it’s we who make things big or small. It’s our imagination, innovation, handwork and determination which makes thing big.

HiveIndia@Kgp was earlier supposed to be a small webmaker event in any school. But then I thought why only one school, everyone should get equal opportunity  to celebrate Christmas day with Mozilla. “So then I landed with HiveIndia@Kgp”.

This was the first event in Kharagpur and in West Bengal with mixture of technical, cultural and social events.

This event was supposed to start on 10AM 22nd December but it was started two days back when I was coming to catch my train at Howrah Station Kolkata. I was overloaded with purchased items for this event one security guard caught me and asked me to pay fine for carrying extra luggage. I just explained him about what the things are for. So after listening he got excited and asked me to give him something for his son, I just took out one Santa Claus and handed him.

His reply ”My son will really enjoy this Christmas”

My reply “This is Mozilla’s innovation and we are proud to be part of it”

Preparation of HiveIndia@Kgp:

Event banners, posters and cards.

Things bought for this event:

Agenda for this event with images:

Introduction to Mozilla: Mozilla Products, History of Mozilla, Why Mozilla, Mozilla’s Innovation

Introduction to Webmaker: Importance of Webmaker, Thimble Hack, Popcorn Making, X-Ray Goggles Hack.

Hacking with Mozilla Logos: Using interactive concept making cool remixed logos (using Glitters, Paints, Star, etc)

Remix your own T-Shirt: It’s time to hack a T-Shirt and make innovative T-Shirt designs.

Drawing Mozilla Logos: Drawing Colourful logos of different Mozilla Products.

MozRobotrix: If you are a non-tech person, its your time to come to the world of robotic. Training on how to make a working Robot with innovation and creativity.

Electro Hacking: Use electronics items and make whatever comes in your mind immediately.

Electro Panting: Mozilla is for innovation, so Electro painting is for those who want to merge traditional painting skills with electronics.

Junkotronics: Scrap materials are always useful, so let’s grab some scrap and turn them to gold. Make innovative objects with scrap materials.

Breadboard: Learn how to write your name using LED on breadboard.

Wall-E Printer: Using Wall-E robot try to write first letter of your name on paper.

Candle Blower: Learn how to control a candle blower robot.

Line follower: Learn how to assemble a line follower robot.

Internet of Things: Learn about IOT and how we can apply it in our daily life.

Make Your Christmas Tree: Its Christmas time so lets make our own innovative Christmas tree. Use cool stuffs and bring life to your Christmas tree.

Santa on the Floor: Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Santa Claus will come to give gifts to everyone.

Innovation: Bring innovative ideas we can work with for future events.

Gift distribution:

Organizing such a big event is not a one head task so special thanks to some people who was a great support to me:

Laxman Yadav, as profession he is a computer teacher in Technoversity Education center. He was the one who ran here and there giving pamphlets to each and every kids possible. He tried his level best to encourage students from remote place to join this event.

Nisha Agarwal, She is my cousin and studying in standard X, She started her tour in Mozilla with KitchenParty@Kgp and she continued her contribution in this event by controlling the kids in efficient way.

Sayak Sarkar for encouraging me and helping me as a responsible Mentor.
Amira Dhalla and Soumya Deb for helping me with a “Hello to HiveIndia@kgp video”.

Others for great ideas and support.

Hope you enjoyed reading my long time killing blog. 🙂

Merry Christmas Mozillians!!

Event link1   Event link2    Photos Link

Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC

” Awesomeness is not part of Mozilla Durgapur rather its in Mozilla Durgapur

First Kitchen party@Dgp then Hack Jam@BCREC then MakerQuiz@Dgp now it was time for the biggest Mozilla Event in Durgapur Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC.

Lots of registration, lots of work, lots of planning and finally the day came 25th September, the day for Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC.

So in the morning participants started arriving before time to be sure that they don’t miss anything.

After the arrival of all participants and volunteers event started sharp at 11.00 AM.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First the introduction to Mozilla was given by Avik Ghosh who is one of our newest volunteer.

Then we invited one of our girl winner Devyani from MakerQuiz@Dgp to speak about Mozilla Webmaker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that I continued with different initiatives of Mozilla Webmaker.

My main part was to explain about Popcorn Maker  and then we went with Popcorn hackathon session.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it was time for X-Ray Goggles which was continued by Biraj Karmakar then we went to X-Ray Goggles hackathon session.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after two hackathon session it was time for a lunch break.

All were enjoying their lunch, we too had out lunch to gain some more energy to give our best performance in second half of this event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the second half it was time for Mini AppDays.

So Amit Kumar Thakur started the session with introduction to App development and later Biraj Karmakar concluded by explaining about different apps made by him.

Then we started App development hackathon session so that we can give a kick start to everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it was time for most interesting part that is Mozilla Quiz.

I hosted the quiz and I was like a learning session with lots of fun.

Question were easy and interactive most of them was set by Sayan Chowdhury and I added few of my crazy question.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Participants were awarded with prizes like Mozilla Webmaker T-Shirt, Firefox OS Bags, Mozilla Word-mark Stickers and many more.

So  all of them were happy!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a special guest from kolkata Sumantro Rijndael Mukherjee who added fun to our event and he was the winner of today’s event because  he answered most of the questions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So we concluded the event at 5.00 PM taking feedback from participants.

Then it was time for group photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we dispersed with the motive to contribute, learn and teach more and more.

“Awesomeness lies in you and in your work so believe in yourself and perform to become an awesome person!!  “

Hive-India @ Bangalore

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. We imagine what we desire, we will what we imagine, and at last, we create what we will”

So this time it was my second event as a Mozillian and first event as a Mozilla Rep.
It was Hive time in Bangalore i.e. Maker Party Bangalore – Hive Pop-up 2013
Basically it was a big event, So describing each aspect will make my blog a book.
So, keeping it summarized.

The first day was “Train The Trainer Session” in which we went through series of discussion and training.

1) We were asked to point-out improvement to be made with respect to: Want to Learn, Mentoring, Meeting Mozillians etc

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Discussion about different aspects of event organization: By Michelle Thorne.
  • Kick start to X-Ray Googles: By Sayak Sarkar.
  • Kick start to Popcorn Maker: By Gauthamraj Elango.
  • Kick start to Thimble: By Ankit Gadgil.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Discussion between partners and organizers.
  • End of first day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now on second day it was going to be a bang on Hive time.
We started early in the morning, making all the arrangements for partners and participants.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had different section for learning and practical implementation.
1) 3D printers, which attracted a lot of participants including myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2) Robotrix, like line follower, motion sensor, moving hand etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3) Magical skirts, which glows when someone comes closer.
4) Raspberry Pi, demonstration and hardware implementation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5) Implementation of Internet of Things, like glowing shoes,shirt etc.
6) Quadcopters, flying demo which was the main event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7) Webmaker section, Thimble, popcorn maker and X-ray Goggles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many more were there which attracted kids, college students, teachers even professionals.
The whole event was going like stream of awesomeness. Every single person were giving their best performance for making Hive India really big and useful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, we concluded the event by a final discussion with the partners for future improvement and collaboration.

Also we went through the outcome of this event by discussion among Mozillians, Reps, Mentors. (Outcome)
So, on whole the event was awesome as it was able to hive many participants, even partners.

Special thanks to Bangalore

Link for  more Images:
Mozilla Webmaker Hive India at Bangalore.

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