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Campus Campaign Feedback – All Hands London

After attending some sessions on campus campaign i collected feedback about it. Feedback on what did not went well and ho we can improve it. Also how can we imporve it for the next phase.

What went wrong:

  • FAQ not published.
  • College exams and vacation collision.
  • Expectation from university – Job, Intern.
  • We were not able to localize the theme so people were confused.
  • Some limitation this time – timing, period, content.
  • Confusion on what to use.
  • In country with slow internet we cannot directly jump to Privacy and security.

How can we improve it:

  • More videos for campaign.
  • Simplify the basics of Internet based on region.
  • Duration of campaign need to localized based on the region.
  • Not only university but also school, start-ups and organizations.
  • Engaging non- IT students.
  • Give more flexibility – Period, target audience etc.
  • Take feedback from local coach.
  • Campaign Period can be longer.
  • Focus on 1st year students.
  • System will be different with different country.
  • Program can look different but with same goal.
  • Cultural illusions can help.
  • It’s about community building to create public force to support Mozilla Mission.
  • Building community that can impact the mission.
  • Direction should have some choice.
  • Clear instruction or give some choice to people.
  • Differentiate between students who are totally new and who are expert.
  • Create Interest in MLN.
  • Mozilla On campus – FSA, campus campaign, Mozilla Clubs.
  • Make a cohesive structure to fill up the holes.
  • Review how to get things together.
  • We are not talking about marketing.
  • Balance between velocity, variety and others.
  • It’s important to localize, but it will be great if we can say that we all did the same thing.
  • Should be open to differentiating.
  • Continue with existing program to enhance and make it productive.
  • Explain to contributors why these activities were important.
  • FAQ on privacy and security.
  • Own backup of important things like MLN.
  • Use existing information about privacy and security in Mozilla by MLN.

Special Team and Coach related feedback:

  • Be in touch everyday.
  • A team need a minimum FSA.
  • Coaches need to be friendly.
  • Meet them if possible.
  • Local coach should be member of team not only leader.
  • Follow up with teams.

These points are collected from various participants who were part of campus campaign and present during the meeting in all hands – london.

Kindly provide your feedback so that i can add more points to this blog!


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