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How to Put CyanogenMod on Your Foxfooding Device

About Foxfooding:

“We originally envisioned the foxfooding program as a way for Mozillians to use, test and provide specific feedback that would improve a product that users were already relying on as their primary device. We’re well aware that this context is really different with Connected Devices — it will be some time before users have a Mozilla product, other than a SmartTV, in their hands or homes.

While the specifics are still to be figured out, we anticipate that the program will evolve to ask for help from Mozillians in shaping early stage products. This might include testing or getting feedback on individual features and pre-alpha products, or potentially doing user research.

If you have ideas on what this program could look like or how you would want to contribute, please get in touch.  Take a look on the wiki here for opportunities to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and questions.” [Read More on Discourse ]

If you are planning to test fennec (Firefox for Android)  on your Sony Z3C device then you can follow the below steps to install  CyanogenMod (Android 5.1): 

Step-1 : Download the zip file(Flash Sony Xperia z3

Step-2 : Extract the zip file and check whether its containing these three files( + + twrp-

Step-3 : Connect your device with pc/laptop and start the device in boot mode (power + volume up). If its showing blue light then you are in if not then restart and do it again.

Step-4 : Open terminal -> mount the folder which you have extracted -> type -> fastboot flash boot twrp-

Step-5 : type -> fastboot reboot

Step-6 : After Team Win Recovery starts -> Wipe cache/dalvik -> then take backup (Most Important).

Step-7 : Copy the folder with all files in it to a sd card and insert it in your mobile’s sd slot.

Step-8 : Go to Install -> Select “cm-12 zip” file -> Add more zip file -> select “tk_gapps zip” file -> swipe to confirm flash.

Step-9 : After the installation is completed reboot your device.

Step-10: Enjoy you have successfully installed the Cyanogenmod Android 5.1 on your xperia z3 compact.

If you face any issue while doing it please don’t contact me 😛 try doing your self. 🙂 Jokes apart, you know where to find me!


  • This blog is just to help people who wants to improving Firefox for Android.
  • If you get your device bricked while flashing by the above process then you will be the responsible person not me 😀
  •  Installing “tk_gapps zip file” is optional as it contains all google specific apps with app store. So if you don’t want to install it then you can skip it.
  • Do file bugs and participate in QA to help improving Firefox for Android.
  • Check Connected Devices participation page to get involved.

Do share your experience! Keep Contributing!


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