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Mozilla All Hands – Mozlando 2015 Part-1


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! ”

A great year with achievements and learning. Starting from small and making it big! I participated in many activities this year but one of the most important was Mozilla All Hands 2015.

Multiple work weeks, happening in the same city, at the same time + some opportunity to get together as one big group as well as with other teams as it makes sense. Then, on the last day, we have a fun social event for all, Mozilla-style!

Tuesday, December 8:

9:00am-12:00pm   Mozlando Opening Plenary Session

A great keynote session where we came to know about Firefox Os becoming complete Os for Internet of things. Like for TV, Smart watch, Smart Home, etc

No more mobile devices through vendors! We will focus on open Os to make it more aligned with the booming Internet technology and the requirement for an open Os.


Advantage: An Os on which people can believe and have trust on. It will support all IOT devices in near future as people are moving from browsers to IOT.

Disadvantage: We still need to do lot of work to make it more user friendly and a perfect Os for great user experience. Marketplace still needs more usable apps.
11:30am-12:00pm    All Hands Mozlando Photo



1:30pm-3:00pm    FxOS All Hands Meeting

The future of Firefox Os is connected device! Moving from a mobile device to making a Os for all connected device is the latest mission we are working on. This was we are no more dependent of vendors for quite a while and will be looking on a global use of Firefox Os.



  • It was never just a product and now with the motive of connected devices it proves it.
  • FxOs for connected devices will open more paths for Contributors to contribute.
  • It will go parallel with other organization who are taking over the Internet to save it.
  • Foxfooding will still continue.


  • Discomfort among contributors who have been contributing on specific FxOs needs.
  • Too many initiative with connected devices will impact quality.


3:30pm-4:30pm    L10n community hackathons: 2015 post-mortem,2016 strategy

Last year we had hackathons all around the world with the help of l10n drivers. As a result of which there was a great increase in the overall contribution and activities from the l10n contributors.

Every region were taken care separately for having great impact. For example there was a separate hackathon organized for Indian and Nepal.

For the next year we are planning to organize the same series of events with the help of L10n drivers and Reps program so that we can have a greater impact.



  • A reunion of all regional localizers and chance for interacting directly with l10n drivers.
  • A great time to cover all your pending work.
  • A chance for new localizers to learn more from your fellow localizers.


  • Lack of proper training for the existing localizers and the new localizers.
  • Agendas not that strong enough to motivate localizers to contribute consistently.
  • Decision of choosing place and time can be improved.


  • A well structured format for training for both old and new localizers.
  • Make the agendas by discussion with contributors who are coming to hackathon.
  • A stable place can be more helpful than experimental place.


5:00pm-6:00pm   How to execute a l10n hackathon

A great session on how to organize a l10n hackathon. Every time l10n drivers cannot be around so we need to learn how to organize community driven hackathon. Proper agendas can motivate contributors to work more and bring more contributors in.

Some key points to execute a l10n hackathon:

  • Strong agendas as per requirement.
  • A contributor friendly venue and timing!
  • Agendas for small training for old and new contributors.
  • Sharing latest strategical information as per Mozilla’s goal.

This year hackathon series was more of experiment and feedback and will improve more next year to keep it more stable. Each month there will be a hackathon in grouped regions!



Wednesday, December 9:

1:15pm-2:15pm     Participation with Chris Beard

A great discussion with Chris about the future of Participation in Mozilla. Many important questions came out on how we can enhance the contribution areas with the help of participation. How we can encourage volunteers to make a greater impact in the community. What is the future of Firefox Os in Mozilla and how we can adapt the new ideas and initiative of connected devices. Firefox Os is not dead but rather a new birth of Firefox Os to do much bigger things for the Web.


  • A proper format for volunteers to contribute.
  • A path to become the future leaders.
  • Become the bond between the Corporation and volunteers.
  • Build a better and sustainable community with the help of participation.


3:30pm-4:30pm    Removing some of the training burden

“Many l10n teams struggle to train newcomers and instead opt to not recruit and instead take on more work than they can handle.”

A great discussion with l10n drivers and volunteers on what can l10n-drivers do to help mitigate some of the training burden?

A proper format of training for both old and new localizers was one of the ideas which came out. Some manual work and some automation can help to build that was suggested. Creation of template like video tutorials / document with screen-shots could help to power this plan.


  • With proper training format the burden will be reduced for the existing localizers and l10n drivers which will result in sharing of labour within the community.
  • More people will be trained and more contributor will join community.
  • A friendly environment for contributors and l10n drivers.
  • A single format of training for all the locales.


This was just about the first two days! If you find it interesting then please comment so that i can go ahead and write about the next two days activities!


We also visited places like Universal Studio, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios. Some glimpse of it is here:



Enjoy and have fun!!

Cheers 🙂


Note: The above information are my personal experience and hence should not be reflected as any official news!


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