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Mozilla Festival 2015 – Lets start again!

Mozilla Festival 2015 – Lets start again! This was the second year for me at MozFest. If you want to know how i felt on the first year of MozFest then checkout my blog [Here].


This is how i felt last year!!

From last year to this year there has been lots of changes within Me, Mozilla but the Mission was always the same!

This year Mozfest was more focused because of the newly introduced Pathways [ Check Out ] .

Each Pathway has been tailored for participants to learn a particular set of skills. Participants are encouraged to make use of the recommended Pathways or design their own unique MozFest experience.


This is my MozFest2015….!!!

At MozFest I had conversation with lots of people and each conversation resulted in some valuable discussion which will support the Mozilla Mission. Whether its related to Localization, Privacy, Firefox Student Ambassador, Participation, Reps, Web literacy etc each had their goal and a need of volunteer to successfully achieve it!

Each conversation resulted in a way we can enhance our skill, our community and our goal along with Mozilla goals.

For Example: When i talked about Localization then i realized that “Localization is not enough we have to promote it as well so that it reaches the end user”. We were already working on “Grow Firefox download in Indian Languages-Pilot campaign” [Check here].

I also loved the bridge making session were we were supposed to make the longest possible paper bridge with half of the team blind folded. This is were trust comes. Why should we believe in our fellow community members?. Because if you keep on doing what your fellow community members tells you than the end result will be great just like the long bridge we made! Trust me our bridge was the longest 😀


What i found in different projects in Mozilla that can be improved is a bridge between all of them. Creating too many projects its great but if we don’t have a proper bridge/connection between then then it gets difficult for contributor to identify how can i follow the connection!

Now for my fellow Mozillians who were not able to attend Mozilla MozFest2015. Here is what it looks likes:

Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:52:22 Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:51:33 Screenshot from 2015-11-28 20:49:33

You can check out more blogs and pics here:



Thanks for ready my blog!!

Keep contributing!! 🙂


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