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Hive House

Challenge: To lower the funding for Hive Start-up Events

Proposed Solution: Hive House

We can use this model to run low budget Hive events around the world.


Hive House is a model that can be used to organize any learning event. The model introduces different ways to reduce cost for HIVE EVENTS.
It Can run from any place or space.
No need for paid venue.
Number of participants can range from one to many.


Place: House, School, College, Park(Something which is free).
Activities: Low cost/free digital or analog things to support the event.
Time: Time can range, but should be suitable to you and the participants.
Optional: Internet, Food, Swag.

Staying Connected

Sharing Experience


Offline web teaching
Electronics- I.O.T.
Using Scraps to make.

Organizing Hive House at Kgp was a great start to run low cost hive events. It encouraged many people to come up with great ideas to run these types of event.

In Mozilla Festival we discussed with Hive Learning network team on how we can lower budget and still do a great and productive event!


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