Organizing events in IIT’s is always a pleasure. So this time we geared up for organizing MozSetup in IIT KGP.

Planning was done with the help of my Mentor Sayak and FSA’s of IIT KGP Firefox Club.

The event was planned to be conducted on 29th and 30th March, So we organized a small Pre-meetup before the event on 26th of March.(MozMeetup Pics)

Agendas for first day of this event was:

Talk Sessions:

  • Inauguration of Firefox Club @ IIT KGP .
  • Introduction to Mozilla and the Mozilla Mission.
  • Introduction to Mozilla Products and Innovations.
  • How to start with Contributions and where to start from.
  • Introductions to Webamaker Tools.
  • Hands-on session on Webamaker Tools.
  • Introduction to Localization
  • Introduction to FSA.
  • Getting Started with Mozilla Central Codebase.
  • Introduction to Firefox OS.

So we began by calling a FSA  Devavrat Walinjkar from IIT KGP Firefox Club. He explained about how they formed the club and what are their future plans.


Then we moved on to Mozilla mission by Gauthamraj. He explained everyone about Mozilla, Mozilla Products and its innovation.

Next Saurabh took the stage to explain “How to start with Contributions and where to start from”. He explained about different areas of contribution.

Now it was time for Webmaker Session, So we called Gauthamraj again to explain about awesome Webmaker tools i.e. Thimble, Popcorn Maker and X Ray Goggles. He also gave a hand on session to the participants.

Next we switched on for Localization session by Biraj. He explained the importance of Localization and how we can contribute in it.

After Localization session Saurabh explained about Mozilla Central Codebase and how to contribute in development.

The last session of first day was on FirefoxOS by Biraj and Sumantro. Both of them explained about the awesome FirefoxOS and how we can make Apps for it.

We ended the first day with some good talks.

Agendas for second day of this event was:

  • Firefox OS App Development.
  • BugsAhoy, and submitting your first patch to Mozilla.
  • Bugs resolution code sprint.

On the second everyone joined to teach each and every participants about how we can start contributing in App development, How we can solve bugs, how we can submit patch to Mozilla.

So this time Manish, Saurabh, Sankha, Sayak, Soumya, Sumantro, Biraj, Gaurav and others were totally engaged with participants to teach them to the maximum.

Firefox App development was taken care by Biraj, Sayak, and Sumantro.

BugsAhoy, and submitting your first patch to Mozilla was taken care by Manish, Saurabh, Sankha, Gaurav and Soumya.

We got nearly six successful submission by participants which can be found here.

After successful submission by participants in Bugs resolution code sprint they were awarded for their effort.

Then we also awarded FSA of IIT KGP Firefox Club for their effort.

Special thanks to Gaurav Jain and other FSA’s of IIT KGP Firefox Club.

Some pics of community Lunch:

Event Page:

Event Pics:

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! 🙂



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