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MozCafe @ IIT KGP

Meeting someone for the first time comes with lots of question which are mysterious to us. Like What will happen ? How will happen? How will we interact etc

So this time my meeting was with some of the cool and awesome Firefox Student Ambassador of IIT Kharagpur.
Not just one or two FSA but there was eight from the same college! Sounds Cool!

Most important part is that they were the one who initiated for organizing MozCafe@IIT KGP. The FSA who took the responsibility of organizing and spreading information  was Gaurav Jain.

Here are the list of FSA who where present for MozCafe@IIT KGP.

Our discussion were basically around Development, Localization, Bugzilla, SUMO, Webmaker and Firefox OS.

Here are some of the pics which can better explain this meetup.

Discussion time!

Food Time!

Event Blogs:

More Pics

Before leaving I just told them one sentence “Don’t think before contributing , Dont think after contributing, Just think for contributing!

Have a great time!



Hive India MakerFest’14 Ahmedabad

Have you enjoyed reading my last blog on Hive India @ Kgp ? If yes then you will enjoy reading this too!

After a great success of Hive India @ Kgp it was time for Hive India MakerFest’14 Ahmedabad .

About Maker Fest 2014:

Maker Fest is an all-ages showcase and celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, a place to meet and interact with like-minded top-notch innovators from different walks of life. It aims to bring together a community of creators and makers spanning the length and breadth of India and give them a platform to showcase their ideas and creations. It is designed to be a uniquely Indian maker activity to celebrate and exhibit the maker movement in India.

It was a two day events with lots of maker from around the world.

In short we were four Mozillians who where representing Mozilla in this event.

Gauthamraj Elango

Umesh Agarwal

Sujith Reddy

Anush A

Our booth were one of the busiest on both days of event.

Some pics of other Makers:

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog!


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