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Nothing is big or small it’s we who make things big or small. It’s our imagination, innovation, handwork and determination which makes thing big.

HiveIndia@Kgp was earlier supposed to be a small webmaker event in any school. But then I thought why only one school, everyone should get equal opportunity  to celebrate Christmas day with Mozilla. “So then I landed with HiveIndia@Kgp”.

This was the first event in Kharagpur and in West Bengal with mixture of technical, cultural and social events.

This event was supposed to start on 10AM 22nd December but it was started two days back when I was coming to catch my train at Howrah Station Kolkata. I was overloaded with purchased items for this event one security guard caught me and asked me to pay fine for carrying extra luggage. I just explained him about what the things are for. So after listening he got excited and asked me to give him something for his son, I just took out one Santa Claus and handed him.

His reply ”My son will really enjoy this Christmas”

My reply “This is Mozilla’s innovation and we are proud to be part of it”

Preparation of HiveIndia@Kgp:

Event banners, posters and cards.

Things bought for this event:

Agenda for this event with images:

Introduction to Mozilla: Mozilla Products, History of Mozilla, Why Mozilla, Mozilla’s Innovation

Introduction to Webmaker: Importance of Webmaker, Thimble Hack, Popcorn Making, X-Ray Goggles Hack.

Hacking with Mozilla Logos: Using interactive concept making cool remixed logos (using Glitters, Paints, Star, etc)

Remix your own T-Shirt: It’s time to hack a T-Shirt and make innovative T-Shirt designs.

Drawing Mozilla Logos: Drawing Colourful logos of different Mozilla Products.

MozRobotrix: If you are a non-tech person, its your time to come to the world of robotic. Training on how to make a working Robot with innovation and creativity.

Electro Hacking: Use electronics items and make whatever comes in your mind immediately.

Electro Panting: Mozilla is for innovation, so Electro painting is for those who want to merge traditional painting skills with electronics.

Junkotronics: Scrap materials are always useful, so let’s grab some scrap and turn them to gold. Make innovative objects with scrap materials.

Breadboard: Learn how to write your name using LED on breadboard.

Wall-E Printer: Using Wall-E robot try to write first letter of your name on paper.

Candle Blower: Learn how to control a candle blower robot.

Line follower: Learn how to assemble a line follower robot.

Internet of Things: Learn about IOT and how we can apply it in our daily life.

Make Your Christmas Tree: Its Christmas time so lets make our own innovative Christmas tree. Use cool stuffs and bring life to your Christmas tree.

Santa on the Floor: Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Santa Claus will come to give gifts to everyone.

Innovation: Bring innovative ideas we can work with for future events.

Gift distribution:

Organizing such a big event is not a one head task so special thanks to some people who was a great support to me:

Laxman Yadav, as profession he is a computer teacher in Technoversity Education center. He was the one who ran here and there giving pamphlets to each and every kids possible. He tried his level best to encourage students from remote place to join this event.

Nisha Agarwal, She is my cousin and studying in standard X, She started her tour in Mozilla with KitchenParty@Kgp and she continued her contribution in this event by controlling the kids in efficient way.

Sayak Sarkar for encouraging me and helping me as a responsible Mentor.
Amira Dhalla and Soumya Deb for helping me with a “Hello to HiveIndia@kgp video”.

Others for great ideas and support.

Hope you enjoyed reading my long time killing blog. 🙂

Merry Christmas Mozillians!!

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