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Firefox OS App Day in a Box @ Kolkata

Heading towards a Google event and representing Mozilla there is an awesome experience!

So starting journey from Durgapur to Hotel Hindustan International for GDG Devfest Kolkata 2013 with Firefox OS App Day in a Box, Kolkata was pretty cool.

On the very first day of this event the Google developers showcased about different products and the benefit of using them.

After that we had a live chat on Google Maps and how we can play with it.

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So on the whole first day event was really cool.

On the second day it was time for us to showcase the Mozilla mission.
So we started with introduction speech.
Then about the Firefox OS Simulator and Developer Tools.

Then we asked audience to propose their ideas on Apps some interesting ideas came up,including an alarm app where you have to solve progressive harder puzzles to stop the alarm!

The app ideas were collected in an etherpad.

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Then we distributed the swags to different participants with amazing App ideas.
After that there was a session on Android App development which was pretty good.
So then we event ended with great collaboration between Google developer group and Mozilla Group.


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