Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC

” Awesomeness is not part of Mozilla Durgapur rather its in Mozilla Durgapur

First Kitchen party@Dgp then Hack Jam@BCREC then MakerQuiz@Dgp now it was time for the biggest Mozilla Event in Durgapur Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC.

Lots of registration, lots of work, lots of planning and finally the day came 25th September, the day for Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC.

So in the morning participants started arriving before time to be sure that they don’t miss anything.

After the arrival of all participants and volunteers event started sharp at 11.00 AM.

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First the introduction to Mozilla was given by Avik Ghosh who is one of our newest volunteer.

Then we invited one of our girl winner Devyani from MakerQuiz@Dgp to speak about Mozilla Webmaker.

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After that I continued with different initiatives of Mozilla Webmaker.

My main part was to explain about Popcorn Maker  and then we went with Popcorn hackathon session.

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Now it was time for X-Ray Goggles which was continued by Biraj Karmakar then we went to X-Ray Goggles hackathon session.

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So after two hackathon session it was time for a lunch break.

All were enjoying their lunch, we too had out lunch to gain some more energy to give our best performance in second half of this event.

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In the second half it was time for Mini AppDays.

So Amit Kumar Thakur started the session with introduction to App development and later Biraj Karmakar concluded by explaining about different apps made by him.

Then we started App development hackathon session so that we can give a kick start to everyone.

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Now it was time for most interesting part that is Mozilla Quiz.

I hosted the quiz and I was like a learning session with lots of fun.

Question were easy and interactive most of them was set by Sayan Chowdhury and I added few of my crazy question.

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Participants were awarded with prizes like Mozilla Webmaker T-Shirt, Firefox OS Bags, Mozilla Word-mark Stickers and many more.

So  all of them were happy!!

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We had a special guest from kolkata Sumantro Rijndael Mukherjee who added fun to our event and he was the winner of today’s event because  he answered most of the questions.

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So we concluded the event at 5.00 PM taking feedback from participants.

Then it was time for group photo.

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Then we dispersed with the motive to contribute, learn and teach more and more.

“Awesomeness lies in you and in your work so believe in yourself and perform to become an awesome person!!  “


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