Reviewing the performance is part of efficient learning.

So it was time for reviewing the performance of our participants of HackJam@BCREC.

So for this we decided to take a test on HTML5, CSS3 and Webmaker basics at MakerQuiz@Dgp.

So it was a bit serious but easy test.

All were excited because the winner was going to get Webmaker T-shirt and Firefox OS string bag.

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So, after the arrival of all participants we started the test.

The paper was set by me, which was mixture of different flavors of question.

It included match matrix, fill in the blanks, true and false etc.

If you want o test you-self click but don’t take more than 10 minutes. 🙂

So, coming back to event all were putting their effort to get all correct answer.

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So finally test was over. I told them the correct answer and explained few answer to clarify their queries.

Finally results was out, five girls and five boys were selected.

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But interesting thing was that among boys and girls, one girls went above all with maximum marks.

Then T-Shirt and Bags were awarded to respective participants.

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All were very happy to have those special gifts.

They thanked me for such a great event.

But I want to thank Mozilla Webmaker for such a great support.



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