Hive-India @ Bangalore

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. We imagine what we desire, we will what we imagine, and at last, we create what we will”

So this time it was my second event as a Mozillian and first event as a Mozilla Rep.
It was Hive time in Bangalore i.e. Maker Party Bangalore – Hive Pop-up 2013
Basically it was a big event, So describing each aspect will make my blog a book.
So, keeping it summarized.

The first day was “Train The Trainer Session” in which we went through series of discussion and training.

1) We were asked to point-out improvement to be made with respect to: Want to Learn, Mentoring, Meeting Mozillians etc

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  • Discussion about different aspects of event organization: By Michelle Thorne.
  • Kick start to X-Ray Googles: By Sayak Sarkar.
  • Kick start to Popcorn Maker: By Gauthamraj Elango.
  • Kick start to Thimble: By Ankit Gadgil.

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  • Discussion between partners and organizers.
  • End of first day.

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Now on second day it was going to be a bang on Hive time.
We started early in the morning, making all the arrangements for partners and participants.

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We had different section for learning and practical implementation.
1) 3D printers, which attracted a lot of participants including myself.

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2) Robotrix, like line follower, motion sensor, moving hand etc.

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3) Magical skirts, which glows when someone comes closer.
4) Raspberry Pi, demonstration and hardware implementation.

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5) Implementation of Internet of Things, like glowing shoes,shirt etc.
6) Quadcopters, flying demo which was the main event.

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7) Webmaker section, Thimble, popcorn maker and X-ray Goggles.

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Many more were there which attracted kids, college students, teachers even professionals.
The whole event was going like stream of awesomeness. Every single person were giving their best performance for making Hive India really big and useful.

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So, we concluded the event by a final discussion with the partners for future improvement and collaboration.

Also we went through the outcome of this event by discussion among Mozillians, Reps, Mentors. (Outcome)
So, on whole the event was awesome as it was able to hive many participants, even partners.

Special thanks to Bangalore

Link for  more Images:
Mozilla Webmaker Hive India at Bangalore.


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