Hello all, again back with my blog post.

After the great success of Mozilla Webmaker Event named as #kitchenparty@kgp. I decided to conduct a event in Durgapur.

So, it was  about second Mozilla Webmaker Event named as #kitchenparty@Dgp.

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For those who don’t know what kitchen party  click.

This time I was not alone as organizer, Ravi Kumbhkar of our college helped me to conduct this event.

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As the participants were college students so following was the events:
 1) Warm up with basic knowledge of Web.
 2) Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.
 3) How we can remix video through Popcorn Maker.
 4) How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.
 5) How to design a new web page with Thimble.

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So we started with basic knowledge of web, like what are webpages? how they are built? what is the use? etc.

After this warmup activity i told them about popcorn remixing, what is the purpose? How we can remix a video? . I started by explaining them about HTML and  CSS.

I gave them some project based on our upcoming Independence Day, which will soon be on web.

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So, after seeing the excitement of participant we decide to conduct a bigger event in our college i.e. Hack Jam @ BCREC which will be on 26th of this month.

Hoping to get lot of new contributors from this events.

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Thank you for your patience.


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