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Hello all, after a long time i am back with my blog post.

This time its about my first ever Mozilla Webmaker Event named as #kitchenparty@kgp.

The person who initiated me for conducting this event was Gauthamraj Elango and the person who helped me to talk to him was Vineel Reddy Pindi .

For those who don’t know what kitchen party  click.

Now, coming back to the event as every one knows Sunday is the best day to host a event at home so i decided to do the same. There were three no! not three its three and a half participants naming Nisha Agarwal, Varsha Agarwal, Mohit Agarwal and the half was Ayushi Agarwal(2 years old).

As the participants are school students so following was the events:

  1. Warm up with basic knowledge of Web.
  2.  Basic knowledge of HTML.
  3.  How we can remix video through Popcorn Maker.
  4.  How to Hack the Web with Thimble.
  5.  How to design a new web page with Thimble.

So we started with basic knowledge of web, like what are webpages? how they are built? what is the use? etc.

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After this warmup activity i told them about popcorn remixing, what is the purpose? How we can remix a video? . So i gave the a home task to remix a Durga puja video of kharagpur.

The most interesting part was still to come i.e. to make and remix webpages. So i started by explaining them about HTML, HTML5 and just a glance of CSS.

They easily got familiar with most of the common tags like <html>, <head>, <title>, <font color>, <h1> etc and for them the most special tag was <marquee> which gives text sliding effect.

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The theme for Thimble was to make a simple webpage which tell your name, hobbies, school, favorite etc.

So they made three web pages which are here:

  1. Nisha Agarwal
  2. Varsha Agarwal
  3. Mohit Agarwal

As i was dry with swag so i decided to create one for each. As we are doing a lot of remixes why not try with Mozilla’s different  logos.

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After doing lot of changes finally we were able to bring out the remixed batch. All the participants enjoyed a lot. So the result is here.

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One nice sentence said by the participants  “it will be best if you could become our computer teacher !!” it made me feel great.

So concluding this event and now this blog, here is a gift for all Mozilla lovers and specially people related to Mozilla Webmaker.

Hope you will like it.

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Thank you all for reading my blog…..!!


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