Help us inspire people to Get Mobilized for individual and collective progress.
Today at Mozmentoring@Durgapur I started my discussion with the above line.

Today Chandan Kumar started the talk by telling about FOSS and how to contribute.
Then he asked everyone about their interest fields(Design, Coding, Localization etc ).
Everyone responded in a active way. So we divided then according to their interest.

First group was laid by me.
I gave them basic ideas about Graphic Design for startup.
Then Myself, Shantanu and Avinash gave ideas about Firefox Flicks 2013.
I showed then a startup video of Firefox Flicks Video challenge.

Second  group was laid by Biraj & Amitshree.
Biraj showed how to handel the localization and Amitshree showed SUMO.

Third group was laid by Souradeep, Subhendu, Bodhiswattwa and Apoorv.
Souradeep introduced about coding and mozilla codebase.
Souradeep, Subhendu and Bodhiswattwa demonstrated the process involved in solving bugs. Apoorv took care of webmaker tools.

So as a result many new contributes came forward.
At last we distributed the swag to increase their interest.

Hoping to have out next monthly meet-up very soon.

Photos link:
Video link:


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