MozCelebs15 @Durgapur (An Event to Celebrate 15 Years of Mozilla)

Today I was standing outside a restaurant waiting for the present and future Mozillians. I was all alone thinking that no one is there with me, then suddenly i turned around and looked at the roll up banner of mozilla.

I exclaimed oh! mozilla is with me!

So this was how I started MozCelebs15@Durgapur which was a great success.
Today We (me,Biraj,Chandan,Gaurav,Mrityunjay) have organized this celebration.
It was the first mozilla celebration in Durgapur.

At first we started the celebration by cutting the cake followed by sharing the cake with each other and with mozilla.

After that we started an open discussion with Reps and most committed contributors identified in MozCafe@Durgapur  held on 13th Feb in BCREC Durgapur.

We also showed path to the future contributors so that they feel free to contribute in mozilla.

After finishing our discussion we switched for lunch.

I am very happy by getting involved in Mozilla Community.

Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity.

Here comes the celebration shots.

For more shots: click

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2 thoughts on “MozCelebs15 @Durgapur (An Event to Celebrate 15 Years of Mozilla)

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  2. hammad faridi on said:

    congrats…… spcly 4 cmpltng 15 glorious years of mozilla…….
    hope i’ll join the 16th one…….

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